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SimCity Is Improving as We Speak

SimCity seems to have caused a lot of issues for many players, but EA have issued a statement saying that everything should be fixed in a matter of hours. Lucy Bradshaw, a general manager at Maxis, posted an update at the EA blog.

Here are some quotes which describe the current situation:
The server issues which began at launch have improved significantly as we added more capacity.  But some people are still experiencing response and stability problems that we’re working fast to address.

I hope “some people” doesn’t mean there are still hundreds of thousands and, honestly, I didn’t expect EA would be that bad in estimating the player volume. This seems to be a rule these days, sell as many games as we can to the public and fix issues as we go. Maybe that’s the best way to find all the bugs quickly, but should we “gamers” work as a testers for the developers? That’s what beta testing is supposed to be for.. . 

Source of the issues:a lot more people logged on than we expected

So we’re close to fixed, but not quite there” – not sure if close means hours/days or weeks, but hopefully we’re talking about hours not weeks

It’s not all bad news:
“And to get us back in your good graces, we’re going to offer you a free PC download game from the EA portfolio.  On March 18, SimCity players who have activated their game will receive an email telling them how to redeem their free game.”

This is something that might put EA in a better light; a free game should cover some of the frustration that all the SimCity gamers are facing at the moment.

Click here to see full article in the EA news section.


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