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Rock Band DLC Ends on a High Note

Easily the best party music franchise is coming to an end next week, when the final piece of DLC for Rock Band 3 is released. As a goodbye to the franchise and to the thousands of diehard fans who have supported them through to this point, Harmonix have announced that the last song will be the very suitable ‘American Pie’ by Don McLean. It’s been a big request over the years, so what better way to end four years of weekly DLC?

Although each week of DLC was, of course, hugely subjective, it’s nice looking back on some of the old packs and seeing just how much variety there was. Although we never got Pink Floyd or LedĀ ZeppelinĀ (or even any more Muse), there’s almost certainly something for everybody, and I’ve never seen regular DLC handled any better, or with more dedication, than by Harmonix. I’m sure there will be quite a few Rock Band parties going on over the coming weeks, and I know American Pie is going to be a huge seller.


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