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Revelations HD Loading Times are Scary

Players who want to finish Resident Evil: Revelations HD might be disappointed to learn that there will be more than a few pauses in their adventure; the game in its current state boasts loading times of well over half a minute. Although the 3DS version wasn’t a great deal better, people willing to buy both the original and HD port of the game will have been hoping that a little optimization may have cut back on load times. There are, of course, a couple of provisos: firstly the source for this is a video taken from a pre-release version of the game, so it might end up being a little faster for release. Secondly, there will be areas that have far fewer sections to load, and so having several of these loading ‘moment’ in a single 30 minute play section is unlikely to be the norm.

Still, 30 seconds in a small room with very little to do is still pretty noteworthy, and some may want to wait for final confirmation of this problem at release, or to hold off for a patch if the problem persists.

Atomsk on Neogaf first spotted the 30+ second load time between areas in a German “let’s play” on YouTube. You can see the load time at around 3 minutes and 40 seconds in the video below. Will things get better before May?

I guess we need to wait and see.



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