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Phantom Pain – Hospital Level is a Tutorial

There are a lot of people debating the meaning behind the Hospital in the newly unveiled Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and rightly so. An awful lot of the new trailer seems to revolve around the area, as did the last trailer. Lost amid the excitement, however, is the fact that the Hospital is set to be the game’s opening tutorial level. This was confirmed by Kojima during the presentation.

This means an awful lot to discussing the story as a whole. It means we know where the game begins – with Snake’s last real memory being the battle in the opening cut scene – and from there it seems implied that your task will be to help out surviving members of MSF. How the other characters – especially the child Psycho Mantis and Volgin – fit into things is yet to be revealed.

The big detail missing from tonight’s presentation seems to be a release date. I think I speak for almost everybody on the internet when I say this is one to pre-order the minute that information comes out.


Kojima has confirmed that the Hospital is a tutorial via tweet. 




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