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Old Kojima Tweet Foretells Phantom Pain Reveal, Online Multiplayer, Release Date?

Can Kojima say or do anything that isn’t later seen as part of some big conspiracy? In December 2011, the Metal Gear Solid creator posted a tweet about game promotion in the western market. At the time it had people scratching their heads – it didn’t really fit with anything he’d been promoting up until that point (certainly not Metal Gear Rising). Move forward a year and a bit, and things are starting to fall into place…

“Debut @VGA¬†world premier teaser followed by tech presentation @GDC, trailer and actual game presentation @E3, online mode beta test in summer, exhibiting @Gamescom, game play available in multiple occasion in fall, and release yr end. This is the trend of game promotion in western market.”

So far so good, and if Kojima plans to stick with the western style of things – a topic he’s been very interested in in recent months – that means that Metal Gear Solid V may be in your hands at the end of the year. With confirmation last year that Kojima’s LA studio was creating Metal Gear Online 3, it’s hard not to see a pattern.

Source: NeoGaf



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