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Nintendo Direct Tomorrow (3/8)

Nintendo announced today that there will be a Direct tomorrow. Read on below for more information and my thoughts on the Nintendo Direct.


Nintendo has announced a Direct for March 8, 2018. Hey that’s tomorrow!

The Nintendo Direct will cover 3DS and Nintendo Switch games. New details of Mario Tennis will be revealed for sure.

Kirby Star Allies is coming out this month for the Switch and will most likely be shown in this Direct. Detective Pikachu is coming out for the 3DS later in the month. I’m sure that will be shown too.

We may or may not get more details about other games that have previously been mentioned for the Nintendo Switch. I wouldn’t be surprised if Yoshi shows up. What about Fire Emblem or Pokémon for the Switch? I think Fire Emblem is possible but Pokémon might be later in the year.

As for the 3DS, things are a little bit more mysterious there. Other than Detective Pikachu and Sushi Striker, we don’t know of any other Nintendo games coming to the 3DS. Atlus upcoming 3DS games could be shown.

Hopefully we’ll get some 3DS surprises from Nintendo (I’d love to see Dragon Quest 11 3DS translated!).

What do you hope to see out of tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct?


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