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Marvels Avengers game isn’t that bad….

So right from the start, I will say I am a huge marvel fan. Been long before the MCU and the pop culture coolness of it all. So take everything I say with a grain of salt.

Marvel’s Avengers was a game initially I wasn’t that excited for, I had a hard time getting over the look of the characters and the voices as they weren’t those of the people I had grown to know over the last ten + years of the MCU. Thor didn’t look like Thor, that was not my Tony Stark…etc etc.

Then as the game got closer to launch they started to reveal more about how the game works, and that’s when it sold me on the premise. Getting to play and swap out as many of the Marvel greats…and Ms. Marvel; with my buddies…what could go wrong?

Well….the multiplayer and post-game aspect stuff of Avengers stinks to be quite blunt. BUT I had a blast with playing through the campaign myself, sure there were some minor performance issues and long load times, but the story I thought was great. Most importantly the game just felt fun to play. Every character was unique and required a different tactic and skill set to master. I wish there were a lot less paid cosmetics and stuff I could unlock for free, but that’s their choice. Once I had completed the game though, I put it down not to think about it again. They had promised new characters coming often to expand on the story. That’s right not just a new character but there would be more narrative to introduce that person to the story and how it all fits in. We knew Hawkeye would be coming, as is Spiderman (only for PlayStation, don’t get me started on that one….) and Black Panther to name a few but there were MANY more hinted along the way.

They kept getting pushed back and delayed often, and as stories came out about the extremely low player count, the future of the game looked grim. To some extent, I would say it still does if they keep focusing on how many people are playing multiplayer. Eventually, though we got our first new character… Kate Bishop…..not the first character I would have expected at all. Basically Hawkeye protege…but not many people know her yet. She will be featured on the Disney+ series starring Hawkeye, but other than that only die-hard comic fans might recognize her. So I didn’t even redownload the game to play it. Then they announced Hawkeye would be next….this is odd, two archers back to back? But I was all in on Hawkeye so I knew I’d go back. So about a week before the Hawkeye update hit (which also brought the next-gen versions for us all) I downloaded the game and played through Kate’s part.


Surprisingly I was charmed by her as a character and her playstyle was so much fun to use. She basically was a teleporting ninja who was also an archer, with a lot of sass directed at the other Avengers for what happened in the main game. There was a lot of content released for her to play through that took a few hours, I wasn’t expecting it to be so long. All in all, to remain spoiler-free there was a cliffhanger at the end of her portion.

Next came Hawkeye and the patch. The patch was great and improved the load times and performance of the game. Hawkeye plays differently than Kate as well, he doesn’t have the tech that she does so no teleporting, but they both use Swords and Bows, but very different. Hawkeye has the ability to heal himself and others and another ability that works much like Yondu’s arrow (from Guardians of the Galaxy) zipping around the screen and taking out enemies. Hawkeye’s story paves the way for where this game is going from a storytelling standpoint, which was very cool to see and has me extremely hopeful for what’s to come if they keep to their roadmap.


Thanks to the way comic books are structured, the possibilities are endless. So don’t sleep on this game, especially if you are looking for a fun single-player romp with some superheroes.


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