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The Last of Us Sells Six Million


If you thought The Last of Us was some niche stealth title enjoyed only by you and your Dark Souls loving hardcore brethren, you were completely wrong. Sony have today announced that The Last of Us, Naughty Dogs huge new IP, has sold over six million units, and that numbers only going to continue to sky rocket.

That, for context, is pretty much more than anything else on the market. The average game is lucky to sell more than a couple of thousand copies, and new AAA IPs rarely sell over a few million. And, an important point to remember, this isĀ just sold copies. Pre-owned purchases don’t count. The amount of people who haveĀ played the last of us could be as much as double that amount.

On top of that, Naughty Dog took the opportunity to point out that their latest DLC, Left Behind, has become the highest rated PS3 DLC of all time. Considering that includes the like of The Ballad of Gay Tony and Undead Nightmare, it’s at the top of some very good company.

Naughty Dog announced that they’d be bringing The Last of Us to the silver screen in the years to come, so the franchise definitely isn’t stopping there. With six million people behind it though, that’s of no surprise.


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