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InkyPen Nintendo Switch App Recieves Massive Update of Comics

I talk about the InkyPen Nintendo Switch app awhile back. Ever since then, I’ve been using the service and enjoying it a lot. Though I was disappointed that not many comics were being added. Then yesterday, the service received a big update. Let me tell you about it.


InkyPen features a lot of cool comics, everything from Transformers to Star Trek to Hellboy, and it received some more comics yesterday.

Along with even more Transformers, some Godzilla, and others, the service had a major new addition: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

I was such a huge fan of TMNT when I was younger (still love the old stuff). I collected the Archie Turtles comics when I was about eight or nine. So when I saw the amount of Turtles comics added yesterday to InkyPen, I was really happy.

A lot of the old Archie TMNT run that I mentioned has been added, along with the original stuff, the Mirage run, and even TMNT meets Ghostbusters comics! I can’t wait to read all of these issues!

I was also surprisedĀ and delighted to see Samuari Jack comics added to InkyPen. I loved that cartoon.

TMNT and Samuari Jack are great new additions to InkyPen. If you have the service, I recommend checking those out and Hellboy. The Transformers comics are also really good.

I do wish that InkyPen would get Dark Horse’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer run. That would be amazing to read through. Oh and what about Dark Horse’s Conan stuff? I’ve never read that but I really do love Marvel’s current take and would check out what Dark Horse did. I’d also like to read Joe Hill’s Locke and Key from IDW. Hopefully more comics will be added soon.

By the way, Nintendo Life mentioned today that Free-To-Read Comics have been added to the service. So if you’re interested in checking out the app, now is the time! And a press release in the same article mentioned that a “few hundred comics” were added and “new publishers” are “coming onboard in the weeks ahead”. I’m very excited.

For right now, I would give the service an 8.5 for a score. With new additions coming, I could easily see service going up to a 9 for me. I love reading comics on my Nintendo Switch and InkyPen is an excellent app.

Have you checked InkyPen out? If so, what comics are your favorite to read on the Switch?


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