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Has Fable Lost its “Must Buy” Reputation: Legends is Free-to-Play


If you’ve been anticipating the latest Fable release and have been saving your pennies, you can now stop. Microsoft and Lion Head Studios announced late last week that Fable Legends will now be free-to-play. While there is no real reason given for this change in philosophy, one can only suspect that perhaps, the Fable franchise has lost it’s ‘must buy’ reputation.

The last few Fable releases have been less than spectacular, and the last solid release (Fable 3) wasn’t even received that well, at least not compared to the original Fable. For whatever reason – and trust me, speculation will be rampant – the people at Microsoft and Lion Head must feel that they can make more money via micro transactions.

A few things to note: anything purchased in Fable Legends will be usable on both the Xbox One and Windows. Also, nothing is locked behind a micro transaction. If it is in the game, it can be obtained by earning in-game credit. There is no word on whether or not a boxed, special edition of the game will be available, although both companies say they are exploring their options.

Games Reviews will be looking at Fable Legends when it release, so stay tuned for our full review when the game launches.


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