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Final Fantasy VII to come to Steam as Well?

Although not quite as convincing as the achievements that were found for Final Fantasy VIII, there’s almost certainly something happening with Final Fantasy VII on Steam. The game was first mentioned in the registry in 2010, and although there was reason to believe the iconic RPG would be coming to Steam last year, Square Enix instead opted to release through their own digital distribution store. It seems like a strange move to suddenly release a Steam version after the re-release being available on PC for almost a year, but then why do they keep messing with the Steam registry?

As recently as this morning, no less…

It’s fairly easy to see into Steam’s backend, mostly thanks to sites like A quick check reveals that the Final Fantasy VII registry has been edited more than once today, hinting that perhaps Square are gearing up to an announcement.

I’m sure there are a lot of people that would love to re-play what many people call the best RPG game of all time, a to get a decent deal through one of the infamous Steam sales as well.

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