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Dead Space 4 NOT Cancelled, Peter Moore Calls out “Shoddy Website Journalism”

After rumours that Dead Space 4 had been cancelled thanks to the poor sales of Dead Space 3, the web imploded with anger against EA, first for daring to ignore what the fans wanted for the franchise and then for putting business and money ahead of, well, anything. The site from which the claim originated, Video Gamer, brought in a ton of hits, watched the drama unfold and laughed as every EA hater in the world picked up their pitchfork and marched to their favourite forum to bitch. There’s just one thing wrong with the story: Dead Space 4 isn’t cancelled. EA denied it within hours, but the fact that Video Gamer told an outright lie to their readers, and the reaction it caused, ruffled a few more influential feathers…

Peter Moore, Chief Operating Officer of EA, took to to let off a little steam. He didn’t mince his words.

PeterMoore Comments_690x171

He was quick to qualify his comments though.

PeterMoore Comments2_690x184

This is a big story to make up, even when hidden behind an “anonymous source,” and it wouldn’t surprise me if Video Gamer lost a ton of regular readers because of this. Unfortunately, nobody can win. Peter Moore calling them out – 100% the right thing to do – will make some people roll their eyes and curse all of video games journalism, while those who felt the Dead Space cancellation suited their view of where the series went and how EA operate probably will completely ignore clarification to the contrary.

The only people who will come out of this with anything good, and I’m almost certainly talking about in the short term, is Video Gamer.


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