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Captain Toad update uses Toad amiibo


Nintendo has update their wildly popular puzzle title, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker game to work with the new, and hard to find, Toad amiibo. Scanning Toad into the game will offer an extra challenge on each level throughout the game. A pixel Toad will appear on a wall somewhere in the level, and players are challenged with rotating the level, finding the Toad, and tapping on him using the stylus to complete the challenge.

Until now (Captain Toad and Mario Party 10), amiibo has done more cosmetic enhancements (Mario Kart racing suites) or in game, MINOR bonuses (Hyrule Warriors). Very few people were running out to get amiibos for these purposes, especially since the racing suites don’t give you any in game bonus and the bonus rupees and stuff in Hyrule Warriors just allowed players to gear up faster. Now, amiibo does something substantial, and stock is still almost impossible to come by.

Consumers are still seeing a few Toads out in the retail wild, but more and more individuals are relying on eBay and Amazon resellers to get their amiibo. While there has been considerable backlash against Nintendo for amiibo shortage, I think the upset fan base will begin to yell even louder as games make bigger, more substantial uses of these collectible toys.

A Nintendo PR representative said Nintendo currently has no comment on whether or not the new feature will eventually be available for those unable to obtain a Toad amiibo.


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