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At last: Play the Best of Unleashed in Sonic Generations

It’s taken nearly a year of hard work, but the Unleashed Project mod for Sonic Generations takes the best bits from Sonic Unleashed and makes them even better. All of the day time levels have been ripped from the 360 version of the game, improved with better textures and occasional fixes and, as of yesterday, are now available for download and play in the PC version of Generations.

Installation is very simple, and you won’t lose your Generation save game (which is important for when you want to play City Escape on a loop). The screenshots and video look absolutely stunning, and without the Werehog or exploration elements, Unleashed just got about ten times better.

The real question here is what else modders will be able to bring to the game. How difficult would it be to rip levels from Sonic ’06 and stick them in the game? Is it possible that some of the most hated stages in Sonic history might actually be made playable? How about going back? Could some of the Dreamcast levels be updated? How about the bonus levels from the 3DS version of the game? 

For more information of Project Unleashed, and to download everything you need to play the best bits of Sonic Unleashed on PC, check out ModDB.


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