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Tomb Raider Combat Trailer

In this final promotional episode of Tomb Raider, we see how Lara is able to bring her skills and arsenal together to make the most out of the situation she’s placed in. The trailer also shows off diverse environments at different times of the day and stresses how important it is to have access to these locations at any given time.

“The environment is only one of Lara’s many concerns.” – Extract from trailer.

The trailer showcases the various fighting styles that Lara will be able to use. From the pure, heart-pounding, stealth approach to different ways she can use the environment to her advantage. The basecamp feature is also shown off a little. Basically, this allows Lara to rest, upgrade her skills as well as craft different weapons.

These various episodes for the upcoming game are incredibly keen on showcasing the enemy’s AI. In this trailer, a little more information on the AI’s strategy is provided. The clip shows off how enemies can place various traps to hinder Lara’s progress. It also makes it very clear that enemies have a dynamic combat approach, meaning that they are able to adapt to the situation and react according to Lara’s fighting style.

With the game’s release only about one week away, you can start thinking about which combat style suits you best, and use it to fight… for survival.

Tomb Raider – Available March 5th 2013


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