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More Thoughts From Me #5: The Handheld That Could

There is only one handheld system that you actually need right now. Yes, I’m talking about the 3DS. Here’s why I bought the system and why I keep playing it.



I’m a huge fan of the Animal Crossing series. I’ve been playing the series since the first game on the Gamecube. So, when Nintendo said that there was going to be a new AC game for the 3DS, I had to have the game! I went ahead and bought the 3DS at launch.

And then I waited three years for the game to come out…

I did buy games in those three years for the 3DS though. In fact, I bought Street Fighter with the system when I first got it. I’m not a Street Fighter fan. There just wasn’t very many games at the 3DS’s launch and Street Fighter looked like the best one. I paid $250 (+ tax) for the 3DS. Not many people wanted to do that. The 3DS was having a bad first year, until Nintendo decided to drop the price. Then, the system took off.

Early on, there weren’t many people who believed in the 3DS. Everyone seemed more excited for the Vita. As time went on though, more people bought the 3DS and the Vita flopped much like the PSP. Sure, some developers still make games for the Vita, but not many. Most of the portable third parties have either developed games for the 3DS, cellphones, or both. The 3DS has become a money making machine for Nintendo.

There are so many great games on the 3DS. It would take forever to list them. Though, I have to mention a few! Animal Crossing New Leaf is still my favorite 3DS game, but there are many others that I enjoy a lot. Most recently, Mario & Luigi Paper Jam has been awesome. Other excellent games include: Tomodachi Life, Stella Glow, Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer, Fire Emblem Awakening, and…ok, I need to stop listing these games! We’ll be here forever.

The 3DS is an excellent system. Nintendo has done a great job with it. I still play this system every single day. And there’s plenty of reasons to keep on playing it with so many cool games coming out this year.

Do you have a 3DS? What is your favorite game on the system? What game(s) are you looking forward to this year for the system?

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