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Sony To Possibly Unveil PlayStation 4 This Month

Rumors regarding Sony’s unveiling of their next-gen system (which many have cleverly dubbed the “PlayStation 4”) have been swirling for months now. But if the latest gossip is to be believed, all the months of waiting might finally be over.

A post was made on the official PlayStation twitter feed earlier today. The post links to a teaser video, hinting at a major upcoming PlayStation-related event set for February 20th (that’s this month in case you were wondering). The video doesn’t reveal much (wouldn’t really be a teaser then would it) but the tagline featured in the video “see the future” is a pretty big indicator that whatever Sony is planning to reveal, it’s going to be big and it’s going to be PlayStation-related.

News of this upcoming event no-doubt comes as a relief to fans after Sony refused to share any details regarding the PlayStation 4 or its release date at last month’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show). After fans expressed almost unanimous disappointment, Sony President and CEO Kaz Hirai finally caved and expressed his gratitude towards the fans and their enthusiasm towards Sony’s new system but that he and the rest of the company just weren’t quite ready to release any more details about the system.

Analyst predictions for PlayStation 4’s unveiling started in the large window of “Spring, 2013” but eventually were narrowed down to “March, 2013”, not a bad guess considering today’s announcement. The event is planned for 6pm EST on the 20th so stay tuned if you want to witness (potential) history in the making.


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