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Nintendo Switch Unboxing – Nintendo Minute (Video)

The Nintendo Switch is almost here! Many game review sites have a Switch, but can’t do an unboxing of the system yet. However, Nintendo Minute, Nintendo of America’s official youtube show, did an unboxing today! Take a look at this video and then please come back for my thoughts on it.

The Nintendo Switch looks amazing in this video. I’ve seen other videos with the system, but I never realized just how small and sleek the system was before. The Switch definitely is tiny. Well, not 3DS tiny but still its so impressive that a system that small can pull off such cool graphics and gameplay

I also didn’t realize just how small the Switch’s dock was too! The whole package is at once very Nintendo like and very not Nintendo like. If that makes sense! I’ve just never seen a Nintendo system that looked this sleek. Even so, the Switch does scream Nintendo too. The Joy-Cons and the Joy-Con wrist straps are giving me Wii-Remote flashbacks!

Nintendo’s new system looks fantastic. But is it? Well, you’ll have to wait on our opinion for a little bit.’s Adam Roffel hopes to have a Nintendo Switch and some games soon. He will give you our unboxing of the system, a preview, and review of the system as soon as possible. Please stay tuned!


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