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Nintendo Switch Preview Coverage, Abdallah Unboxes One!

It is almost March 3rd, but thanks to Nintendo of Canada, we have had the opportunity to  pay around with it, 1-2-Switch, and the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild over a week early. While we are not allowed to publish scores and final thoughts, a number of things have surfaced for me – positives and negatives – that I will discuss over a series of articles.


Let’s be really honest though folks, I’m not sure Ninteneo actually wanted to release the Nintendo Switch on March 3rd, made obvious by the many missing launch day applications. Say what you want about Breath of the Wild, a lot of Nintendo fans want a virtual console on launch day, and a simple Netflix application! Not everyone has Netflix on multiple devices; trust me, it is true!

Our good friend Abdallah has been publishing numerous YouTube videos on the Nintendo Switch which we will be posting around the website. Below, watch him unbox his Nintendo Switch which he received from Nintendo of America. You can find Abdallah on Twitter, and check out all his Nintendo Switch videos here!

Over the course of today and this weekend, look for preview articles on the Nintendo Switch UI, Joy Con controllers, Breath of the Wild, and more! We will also have reviews of accessories from Performance Design Products, probably next week.

Let’s take this Nintendo Switch journey together!


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