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Left for dead 2 new extended mutation system

Today, the Left 4 Dead 2 beta program has introduced the ‘Extended Mutation System’ which will allow modders to author and test out expanded tools before they’re rolled out onto the live servers. Modders will be able to create unique, custom experiences that can be played on either newly created or already existing maps.

This major improvement to the scripting system allows modders to go past the existing scripts of the game and write up their own, custom script logic. This will allow authors to go well beyond what was currently available and add in custom maps, spawn locations, enemy behavior, different survival variants as well as an abundance of other awesome, new features.

Throughout the duration of the Beta, Valve will continuously monitor modders’ creations and mutations. They will also pay close attention for any bugs and any issues the Modder community might face and provide support when needed.

If you’re wondering how long the EMS will be in the Beta stage, the left 4 Dead blog has stated: ‘Long enough for us to achieve our goals’. As we know from Valves track record, they usually tend to perfect games and features before releasing them to the public, so you might be waiting for quite some time. But then again, that’s only speculation.

If you are at all interested in joining the EMS Beta and getting your hands on the new features, you should check out this Steam community page. Official Valve representatives have replied to the thread stating:

“If you reply to this thread I will add you. Feel free to invite fellow modders into this group. You guys know who should be added.” (With a courteous “Thanks!” at the end.)

Furthermore, Valve has also created a Wiki, detailing everything there is to know about the new system. From the intricate Squirrel scripting language to basic information such as what features will be added.

For even more information regarding the new ‘Extended Mutation System’ you can check out the official Left 4 Dead blog here, as well as the Wiki, which cover everything you need to know in enormous detail.