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Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn Demo Impressions

The 3DS is dead, long live the…wait a second. What’s that? A 3DS game is coming out next month. You have to be kidding me! What game is coming to the 3DS?! Its Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn! And Nintendo released a demo for the game today. I still play my 3DS every day and so I decided to download the demo. Here are my thoughts on it.


Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn for the 3DS is an enhanced port of a Wii game called Kirby’s Epic Yarn. I tried out a demo of it today and have some thoughts on it.

Visually, Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn looks a lot like it did on the Wii. In other words, it looks extremely cute. I like the graphics a lot. I do wish the game had 3D, cause this game would have looked great that way, but thats not an option. I guess Nintendo really has moved on from 3D.

As for the gameplay, its also similar to the the Wii version. There is touch screen interaction for the menus going into the game. The bottom screen during the game is where you’ll find your health and what treasures you’ve collected. All of the gameplay takes place on the top screen.

The controls in the demo are excellent and the game is fun. Kirby usually moves slow but if you push over left or right a bit more, he’ll turn into a car and speed along. Its very neat! Jumping and other controls are pretty much what you’d expect.

The demo has two difficulty modes: Normal and Devilish. The Normal mode is very easy and lets you explore to find treasures and other secrets.

The Devilish mode, on the other hand, is a bit harder. Its not extremely hard but the addition of a flying creature who keeps coming back to bother you and other minor tweeks makes things a little more frantic. You won’t be taking your time in Devilish mode.

There are two levels in the demo: Fountain Gardens and Rainbow Falls. Both of them feature hidden treasures, multiple paths, and really cool transformations. I’m a big fan of Fountain Gardens tank!

Overall, the demo is really fun. If you liked Kirby’s Epic Yarn on the Wii, you’ll enjoy this demo. If you never played it, you’ll want to try it out.

Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn comes out on March 8th! The game is available for pre-load on the 3DS eshop right now.



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