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First Footage of Wasteland 2

When inXile Entertainment put up a drive for a Wasteland 2 on Kickstarter, no one could have foreseen the studio reaching its goal in just two days. By the time the pledging period ended, inXile had $3,040,574 in its hand. The original goal being a relatively low $900,000, all the extra money meant inXile could add in even more features. Once inXile hit $2.1 million, it meant that the studio could afford to have Obsidian Entertainment help out. Once the $3 million was reached, inXile would be able to include mod tools.


It’s been ten months since its Kickstarted ended, and inXile has finally shown off footage of Wasteland 2. The trailer, which packs 15 minutes of gameplay, and which is narrated by dev director Chris Keenan, looks to follow in the legacy that the game’s predecessor left behind.

According to inXile, “We’re just past the halfway mark, so don’t expect to see everything that you can expect from the final game quite yet.” inXile made sure to point out that since the game is still a work-in-progress, particle effects have not been included yet. Meanwhile, since sound effects were not running, they were added in editing. In addition, the mini-map does not currently work, and inventory and character screens are not shown.

The 15-minute gameplay demo highlights a squad of Rangers sent to investigate several reports of rampaging plants, while doling out its own brand of justice onto mutated insects in turn-based combat. In addition, the Rangers talk with the locals, pick locks, crack safes, and pretty much anything else the life of a post-apocalyptic Ranger calls for.

However, before all of that action unfolds, we get to listen in on some radio messages you might pick up while traveling across the wasteland. Not only do these messages add some flavor to the dry world, but also give you leads to investigate.

 Wasteland 2 is due for release in October.


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