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Crysis 3 pre-orders up 35% better than Crysis 2’s

EA reported today that Crysis 3 pre-order sales are 35% higher than the previous installment’s. The publisher also announced that sales of Crysis 2 totaled three million units in 2011, approximately four months after the game’s release.

Crytek added that over 3 million people participated in the recent beta for the third title’s multiplayer features.

Pre-order bonuses for the upcoming shooter include the game’s “Hunter Edition,” as well as a digital copy of the original game. The Hunter Edition includes early access to the new Predator Bow and its Electric Arrow attachment in multiplayer, as well as the Hunter Nanosuit module, which adds additional stealth and aiming upgrades. It also gives players an immediate XP boost to level 5, an exclusive camo skin for the bow, and three multiplayer dog tags.

The third game takes place 24 years after the events of Crysis 2, with players taking on the role of Prophet once again. He’s returning to New York on a mission of revenge, finding that the corrupt C.E.L.L. corporation has encased the entire city in a giant “Nanodome.” Previously released trailers and promotional material show an urban rainforest growing within, which may prove to be a welcome return to the first Crysis’s tropical setting.

Crysis 3 will be released on February 19, 2013. It is being developed by Crytek Frankfurt, with the multiplayer portion by Crytek UK. The game will run on CryEngine 3, the same engine as Crysis 2.


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