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BioShock Infinite Columbia: A Modern Day Icarus part 2

Irrational Games went ahead and released the second part of the Columbia: A Modern Day Icarus trailer series for BioShock Infinite. What’s interesting is that Irrational Games portrays the videos in a docu-retrospective that seems stylized in the 80’s, with the focus squarely on Columbia, the floating city.

For this video, the focus is on the Songbird. We’ve already seen the Songbird in previous gameplay videos of BioShock Infinite, but with this video, the Songbird looks a lot more terrifying. In this video, we have Alistair Bloom talk about all the mysteries that surround Columbia. More specifically, there is a “Truth from Legend” segment and, as previously stated, it talks about the Songbird.

Just a few months ago, outlets were wondering if BioShock Infinite was in trouble. We saw members of the Irrational team leave, leaving reporters and news outlets wondering if the development was in trouble. With the slew of media that we’ve seen since then, I don’t think there’s any question that BioShock Infinite is doing just fine. At this point, I just want to play the game!


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