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Preview: 1-2-Switch Is the Wii Sports of Nintendo Switch

I suppose my article title is not 100% accurate, because 1-2-Switch COULD be the Wii Sports of the Nintendo Switch, or for that matter, the Nintendo Land of the Nintendo Switch – for those of you who only lived through the Wii U generation. The game has everything you would expect from a pack-in-title: mini games that are very accessible, good modes to play during parties, and more. Unfortunately, 1-2-Switch is not a pack-in-title, despite the fact that perhaps – a thought we will explore in our full review – it should be.


Here is the reality, that we all know already: 1-2-Switch has been made for once purpose. The purpose is to show off what the Joy-Con controllers can do, how they work with the system, how versatile they are, and to show off their arguably most interesting feature, the HD rumble. When I talk about it, without knowing how the Switch would launch, I would argue that this is a title Nintendo created to include with every Switch that goes out the door. After all, the Joy-Cons are the companies newest invention, and have features you normally wouldn’t find in your average controller. This needs to be introduced to the new consumers, so, lets pack it in, right?


1-2-Switch is coming in at a hefty 49.99 – 64.99 in Canada – and unfortunately the hype over the system is probably going to push thousands of units of this out the door. Don’t get me wrong, the mini games in 1-2-Switch are fantastic, and I’m having a lot of fun with it. By the time we release our full review with details on all the games, I expect it to be rather glowing.  Two questions will need to be answered in our review, however.

  1. Does 1-2-Switch have enough content to keep me playing long after the initial launch window of the Nintendo Switch?
  2. Should 1-2-Switch have been included as a pack in title, or a cheaper title, as opposed to a full retail release, price included?

There is a lot to really like about the game, and with 28 different mini games and a few great modes for competitive play, the game will probably get at least a few hours of play time in your home. If you want to know more about what the Joy-Con controllers can do, this is almost a must-own title. There are lots of laughs to be had, but ultimately, you will pay a hefty price for that.

We will have a full review of 1-2-Switch just ahead of launch, so keep it here on!

As we often do, we are partnering with our good friend Abdallah to promote his content and our articles. He is working on a series of videos where he plays 1-2-Switch against his wife, as a competition of sorts. The loser has to…well…why not check it out below, and make sure to follow him on Twitter and YouTube so you don’t miss a thing!


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