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Far Cry Primal a Great Opportunity


Far Cry Primal isn’t even out yet, but the hype is very real. And for good reason, since the Far Cry series is one of the best current franchises this generation. However, the more we play a franchise, the greater the opportunity for stagnation, or for extreme boredom to set in. Despite the success of Far Cry 4, this seemed to be a constant narrative. “Far Cry doesn’t feel fresh.” So now we get Primal, a very different and very fresh take on the series, and it could not have come at a better time.

Far Cry Primal really reminds me of the last two Tomb Raider games, but less advanced. Gone are the automatic guns, grenades, and healing devices. The experience now will be raw and primitive. In reality, this could go either way. Are we in for an action adventure game like previous installments, or more of a survival adventure where beating the elements is the primary goal?

I find this release comes with very few risks. Sure, people might not like the primitive nature of the game, and most players will miss the advantages of modern weaponry and technology. Little to lose, in my opinion, but lots to gain. This could potentially create a second Far Cry vein for Ubisoft, a great win-win scenario if you ask me. The developers could stagger a modern release with a primitive release, keeping the franchise fresh and exciting each and every year.

We will have more on Far Cry Primal closer to launch. Stay tuned to Games Review for more on this and other upcoming Ubisoft titles.


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