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Dying Light: The Bozak Horde DLC Review


If you have not yet read our review of Dying Light, you can do so here. We thought it was pretty good. Thankfully, the PR company in charge of Dying Light sent over a few DLC packs as well, and we have played through the first one, The Bozak Horde. Below are our thoughts on this DLC pack, and the extra value it brings to an already outstanding game.

The Bozak horde offers Dying Light players a more competitive Рalthough cooperative Рmultiplayer experience. Generally, our time with Dying Light was spent primarily in cooperative mode, where you work with others to, well, survive. In The Bozak Horde, players get to enter a fighting stadium called Harram Stadium which is run by a psycho named Bozak. With a bomb strapped to your leg, Bozak tasks you with completing a number of tasks; should you fail, the bomb will go off. So, it is competitive. You have one way out, and that is completing everything asked of you. Having a friend by your side is not a necessity, but it will stop you from throwing your controller and breaking valuables around your house!

When completed, you will be rewarded with a very rare, and very powerful, weapon. Doing the DLC will test your patience, but the end justifies the means. You will want this weapon! So ¬†much time can be spent in Harram Stadium, just attempting to beat the scores of other Xbox Live members. I found myself spending more time doing challenges than I was playing the actual game and story itself, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing! If you enjoy quick cooperative – yet competitive – sessions of 15 – 20 minutes, than grab The Bozak Horde. You will not be disappointed.


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