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Performance Design Products Nintendo Switch Holiday Guide And Giveaway

If you have been following GamesReviews for even a few months, you’ll know that we are huge fans of the officially licensed by Nintendo accessories that are being brought to market by Performance Design Products (PDP). Although we do plan a regular Holiday 2019 Accessories/Hardware Guide in the near future, there are so many great PDP products, we figured they deserved their own article!


Want to win some of these amazing accessories? Details at the bottom of the article!

Even better, our friends at PDP have offered up a number of their newest Nintendo Switch Products to giveaway, so be sure to enter the giveaway. We will post that link soon! Let’s dive into these great products!

Fightpad Controller 

Everyone remembers the good old days of playing Smash Bros on the Nitnendo GameCube. What made that experience so fantastic wasn’t just the game itself, but the control you used. It is a well known fact that the Nintendo GameCube controllers is one of the better controllers ever made, and definitely the premier controller for when playing Smash Bros.

While official GameCube controllers and adapters are available directly from Nintendo, purchasing a set of 4 (or 8, depending on how many people are playing) can become incredibly expensive. Thankfully, PDP has brought a wired, USB GameCube style controller to the Nintendo Switch, making epic brawls of Super Smash Bros Ultimate that much more enjoyable.

Check out our lengthy review, and see the controllers themselves on PDP’s website!

Afterglow Wired/Wireless Switch Controller

The Afterglow series of controllers from PDP are iconic within the video game realm. The see-through, light-up controllers have been released on almost every system imaginable, and they are finally coming to Nintendo Switch. For the most part, PDP has focused on wired controller options, but the Afterglow Wireless Deluxe controller is their first foray into Wireless technology on the Nintendo Switch.


While not only looking cool, the Afterglow Wireless Controller is a great alternative to the much more expensive Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, and while it doesn’t boast all the same features as the more expensive controller, it does have something the other does not: programmable rear buttons and the ability to customize the colour!

We’ve only used this new controller briefly, so we don’t have an official review, but it does get our seal of approval! You can check it out on PDP’s Website!

Protecting Your Investment

Whenever a friend or family member purchases a Nintendo Switch, I always get ask, “What else do I need to buy?” And my first answer is always an easy, and ultimately inexpensive, suggestion. Get a case. When traveling out and about, or when not near your dock, your Nintendo Switch unit needs to reside somewhere. And while placing it out on a coffee table or bookshelf is always an option, there is no guarantee that someone, or something, might knock it off, potentially breaking your major investment.

PDP offers a wide variety of Nintendo Switch cases, ranging from 19.99 to 29.99. Whether you pick up the System Travel Case / Deluxe Travel Case, or the more expensive Commuter Case, you can rest knowing your Nintendo Switch unit is protected.

While not only serving as a great place to store your unit, these cases are packed full of pockets and pouches to carry all your Nintendo Switch gear. If using just the System/Deluxe Travel Case, there will be places to slot a number of Nintendo Switch cartridges, a place for a pair of earbuds, a screen cloth, and so much more. In the Commuter Case, there is room for all of the above, plus extra Joy-Con controllers and perhaps your newly purchased Afterglow Wireless Controller from PDP!


Want to win some amazing PDP prizes? We have you covered and will be giving away cases, controllers, and so much more, including our grand price, which will include:

  1. Deluxe Travel Case
  2. Commuter Travel Case
  3. Wired Fightpad Controller
  4. Wired Afterglow Controller

Here is how you can enter, with each counting as a ballot:

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  4. Comments below on this article
  5. Send an email to [email protected] with the subject line “PDP Accessories Giveaway. Be sure to include your full name + country!
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