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Hidden Indie Survival Gem: Drive 4 Survival (PC)

Drive 4 Survival is currently being developed by M3M Games. Drive 4 Survival is a struggle for survival in the frozen wilderness, where you have to rely only on yourself and your car fighting against the elements which also includes zombies (Yessss Zombie Survival Game). The game is currently in Early Access on Steam and from what I have experience and played so far I been enjoying playing this poly survival game.

Let’s talk about the Game

So what this game is all about? The game is throw you in a world that has run over by zombies but also animals and you will have to survive but also tell show that your car is important and it is your home away from home and you will need it to survive as well. Your vehicle is important and taking care of it isn’t easy at all, you will have to repair it and also filled it up with tons of fuels. Exploration and traveling back and forth, your vehicle is the quickest way, so take care of your vehicle always. You start out the game in a outpost (Outpost 103) that is a safe zone, however you will have to travel other zones and while on your travel you will encounter various enemies. You are on the search for the last remnant of fuels in order to survive in this frozen wasteland and that is your main focus.


Game so Far

Let me start of the bat strong with this game and I can tell you the game is amazing, it hit the check marked for everything that defines a survival game. I played it for at least 6 hours on day one and I can tell you I enjoyed it every minute it that I lost track of time. The game looks amazing, even though it is set in a poly world, it just looks great and it catches my eyes. One of the thing about this game is all about surviving and sometime games separates the realism concept.

However in this game not only you have to survive against zombies but also animals as well, because in any survival game animals are resources as well. Using these resources you will be able to craft a lot of things from tools to weapons, since crafting plays a major role in any survival game such as this.

Survival Guide

Stats are important as well as perks, you have to make sure to keep your stats looking good such as food, health, temperature and drink or else you will die. As you progress through the game you will be able to unlock perks that will helped you, such as Expand Backpack because if you are a gamer like myself who love to find everything and become a hoarder for resources then this is a must perk. There are a few other perks and each one helped you become better at surviving.

The controls are easy to get used too, it just take a bit of time and you can be a pro at it.  The game can be played both on keyboard and mouse but you have the option to play the game using a controllers as well. I am more a mouse and keyboard person since that is my way of playing which felt great and I didn’t have any issue at all, on my next game run I will play controller just to feel the difference.


Side Notes

A few things I noticed and one of them is controls, even though the controls are easy and you can get used too. I feel like it was a little heavy but that could just be me, however I was able to adjust it in setting and found all sorts of amazing things, the developers did an amazing job making this game being accessible for different style of playing, even though keyboard and mouse is default, you can play with a controller or gamepads.

This show not just that the developers are focus on making this game easy to play on different accessories but also it shows how committed they are to make this game successful. From what I seeing the developers tend to update the game as much as they can to fix bugs or add new content, and for a game that is in early access they are doing a fantastic job.

One cool thing that I enjoyed and I love this whenever I see it in other games are challenges and collectibles, I love these little extra missions because it gives you a goal even if you already have a main goal in the game but something that you can do if you want to take a break from the main storyline. Doing these challenges will earn you perks points that you can apply to your perks that we mention before since perks can make a difference.

Also if you don’t want to fight enemies or zombies there is a creative mode for players who just want to play the game without any worry and just use your imagination to build and explore.


Drive 4 Survival is a great early access games, yes there can be a few bugs that you will encounter but that is true for any early access game, but this game has done a fantastic job for the meaning of a survival game and the developers are quite talented to make this game. I love every moment of this game and I will continue playing it because this is a game that I can enjoy countless hours into it. Zombie Survival game is my favorite and this one is clearly my one of my favorite for sure.

Maybe one day this game might come on console, but so far I been enjoying playing this on my PC, is this a game you might be interested in checking out?

Check the game out on Steam Drive 4 Survival on Steam (


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