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Front Mission 1st: Remake demo is Live on the Nintendo Switch

Front Mission is a series that I enjoyed playing a lot back in the days of my childhood and it is still my top favorite turn-based tactical strategy game. So as you know FRONT MISSION 1st: Remake was released back in November 2022, and there wasn’t a demo released beforehand. But now the Demo is currently live on the Nintendo Switch and players who are both fans or new to the series can enjoy some parts of the game. Before we talk about the demo, here is a new story trailer that was just released as well:

Here is what the demo will consist of: the

– Tutorial
– Two missions from the OCU campaign
– Arena
– 3 difficulty levels
– Modern and Classic gameplay modes
– Wanzers and Pilots customization

Important News: The save date from the demo can be a carryover to the Full Game. Here is where you can access the demo and Full version of Front Mission 1st: Remake which is also on sale as well.

Now, this is your chance to download the demo and enjoy the remake of Front Mission 1st. Will you be able to create the unique perfect Wanzers that you can take on a mission or take to the Arena?

For more information Check out Front Mission 1st Twitter or website


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