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Embarking on an Expeditions for the Roman Empire

I was given the opportunity to review and check out a game that I was very interested in, which was Expeditions: Rome Developed by Logic Artists who also Developed Expeditions: Viking and Expeditions: Conquistador. Rome was the first game I played in the series from the developers and I can say before I started playing the game, I was following updates and I was so curious to check out what this game actually is like because watching clips and some trailers are great and all but then when you actually get dive into the game, it like a whole new world. Expeditions: Rome really hit the high mark for me and here are the reasons.


There have been many past release games that were based on the Roman Empire either from RPG to Massive Real-Time Strategy games, but what Logic Artists deliver for Expeditions: Rome really top sit with their tactical turned-based RPG and Strategy game style among those games. The game starts out with a well-detailed and simple tutorial that helps you understand the core playstyle of the game which is a tactical turned-based RPG which I really enjoy, it is like playing chess and making your plan ahead. You are in charge of a special squad of unique characters who have special abilities and fighting skills that you will take with you on various missions throughout the world during the Roman Empire that will change the course of history for the Roman Empire as you regain your family honor and name. The Developers did a fantastic job giving us in a way an alternative timeline of the Roman Empire with other civilizations such as Egypt, Greece, Gauls, and on top with many historical characters being part of the timeline in the game gives a real sense of historical history feeling. The game is well polished where every choice you make can determine the path you take and many characters you meet along your journey. The different class you can choose for your main character is amazing, either you pick a tank or range or even a support class, the choice is endless. Without much spoiler, I can say the game is fantastic with so much to do and even doing side quests to get extra rewards to upgrade or even craft better stuff for either your character or your companion.



The game looks fantastic in terms of visual and character designs, where the from the ships to the buildings is so well detailed that I am playing a game but feel like I am also watching a 4k movie with fantastic sounds and voice over. The high quality looks of the game is so stunning that it shows how far game developers will go to make their game look as realistic as possible and that is what Logic Artist did, so each character looks unique that I can tell the difference from one to another based on how the character act. When it comes to audio for any games I am quite picky and careful especially when it comes to game music, character voices during the game or in dialogue, and the world sounds effects and I have to say this blew my mind, especially with the characters dialogue that it was on point of how each character are voiced during this time period because people talk differently throughout the history of the world. The controls for this game was well done and very accessible for my style of game play, and I felt comfortable playing it and I believe many people who are fans of tactical turned-based games would be okay with it, but for all new players it will be a bit challenge at first but then they will get used to it because the tutorial really helps a lot and pretty much all about practice and getting used to it, the game does not support controllers but I believe mouse and keyboard is highly recommended because of the way the game plays.



Expeditions: Rome brings out a new concept of Tactical RPG and Strategy during the Roman Empire Period and this game really brings out tons of historical lore’s with characters and history but also give us a sense of connection with each characters we meet on the way. The best part of the game will have to be the dialogue because I felt like I was watching a movie and not playing a game because the character history really brings out what each character past history and what their end goal is, but another thing I love is the tactical style turned based function for each fight which was quite challenging at first but soon something I really enjoy. This would have to be part of my top 5 games that I played that was based on the Roman Empire and because of this I am looking forward to see more updates especially since the recent update was adding siege battles in the game which I am looking forward. Also I might have to pick up their previous games because I love history a lot and playing this game makes me almost feel like I was part of the history during that time period. If you like a good tactical strategy turned-based RPG that takes place during the height of the Roman Empire and want to lead a special squad of unique and powerful companions embarking on important mission that will determine the fate of the empire, then this game is for you.


Overall: 9.0
Visuals: 9.0
Audio: 9.0
Gameplay: 9.0

Expeditions: Rome
Platforms: PC
Developer: Logic Artists
Publisher: THQ
Release Date: 20th January 2021


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