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One+ 12R Genshin Impact Review

When it comes to phone reviews and GamesReviews, you know we focus on these devices as things for the common person, those wanting to play games, listen to some music, and watch some videos. We look at these not from a technical standpoint, but rather a useability stand point. It’s why, I believe, our phone reviews over the past few years have been so successful. This phone is definitely not for the common person, we need to state that off the top. This is for the Genshin Impact fan – if that isn’t you, there might still be a reason to pick this up, so lets move on!

What makes the Genshin Impact 12R phone from One+ different than the standard 12R is all about the reason you purchase this phone – to play them games! For Genshin Impact, the design team has tailored this phone to load the game faster, provides more storage space, improve the visual experience, and make everything run just a bit faster. And when I played Genshin Impact for hours upon hours, I can confirm that all of this is real and true. When playing on similarly priced Android phones from other companies, the premier experience was on the this One+ device.

But what about those non-Genshin impact fans? Is there a reason to pick this up for you? I’d argue there is, but you’ll need to get past the look of the phone. So let’s start there. This is a Genshin Impact fans dream. The company has done these partnerships before, but this is the cream of the crop. While the phone itself actually uses a fairly subtle purple design with some markings, the second you put on the included case, you know this is a japanese RPG fans dream. So if that isn’t you, you’ll either want to sport a different case, or go with no case at all.

That being said, the purple design here is phenomenal. I’m wouldn’t say purple is one of my favourite colours, but this phone pops! I’ve had more than a few people stop me to ask, “Hey, what phone is that?” It’s a conversation starter for sure, and the hardcore Genshin fans are going to spot it from a mile away – and those are the people you want to be friends with, right?

But under the hood, this phone is built for gaming. We will get to that soon enough, but let’s knock out a few quick comments on the phones other features!

The phone is sporting a 50-megapixel Sony IMX890 sensor which will be the same as the last generation flagship phone. The front facing camera is a 16-megapixel wide angle lens. The other cameras on board – the 8-mgeapixel wide angle lens and the 2-megapixel macro lens probably aren’t doing much for anyone, unfortunately. In terms of video, there are definitely other phones on the market doing it better than the One+ 12R Genshin Impact phone, but for those looking to capture those family moments, this is more than OK!

The phone feels phenomenal to hold and use, ad while I’m not a fan of the camera bump – really, I’m not a fan of any camera bump – the included case in the One+ 12R Genshin Impact edition actually removes that concern completely.

Now what really matters. This phone has been tweaked in the smallest of ways to improve your gaming experience – for Genshin Impact, yes, but really for all games. That being said, I don’t have a standard 12R to compare it to, so I’m not sure if the promises made with this phone are also available in the standard 12R. One+ promoted this as the best way to play Genshin Impact on mobile, with a phone tailored for this game, to improve your experience. That means lots of work went into the nuts and bolts of this device to keep it cool during long play sessions, to extend your battery life longer than other phones when playing games, and to make sure there is a steady frame rate throughout.

Honestly, if that was what is being promised, it delivers that in spades. Although this phone doesn’t have wireless charging, it does have a 100W charging cable which gets this thing powered from 0 to 100 in about 30 minutes. The charger and cable are both purple as well, and sport neat Genshin Impact influences throughout. When fully charged, even when playing any kind of games, this phone does phenomenal. I’ve game for a long time in a single day, and still got more than 24 hours of use when including my other tasks like web surfing, email, Netflix/Disney+, and more.


What’s also great in this package is all the extra nifty gifts you get in the collectible gift box. Sure, you pay a slight premium for this device, but if you are a Genshin Impact fan, this is easily worth what you are going to pay. Overall, we are pretty impressed with the Genshim Impact One+ 12R device, and would recommend it to hardcore mobile gamers. It might not be the best at taking pictures and video, or even for some other tasks, but the beautiful design makes it perfect for gamers. Since that is what we are, we cannot recommend it enough!


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