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Creative Outlier Sports Bluetooth Earbuds

I have owned a number of bluetooth earbuds in the last couple years, but they have always been cheap and generally pretty useless. I’m not talking about a bluetooth headset for answering calls, mind you, but an actual set of bluetooth earbuds for listening to music while moving around your home, or perhaps exercising. While I can’t say I loved everything about the Outlier Sports, I can say the audio was top notch, and the connection flawless. Two key components to a quality audio product.


Lets touch on the good first, because I really feel there is a lot to say here. Like I said previously, I have used numerous different bluetooth earbuds, and no matter what I spent on them, I’ve never found a great product. Either the audio suffered, or the connection suffered, or sometimes both. Thankfully, I did not have that experience with the Outlier Sports.

The highs, mediums, and lows through this bluetooth connection are great. Sure, they are not on par with a great set of speakers or a high quality gaming headset, but for their required purpose – where listening is probably a secondary action to what every you are actually doing – they are more than adequate. I had no issues what so ever with the audio quality, and everything sound crips and clean during all my experiences.

Part of that quality audio is the ability to have a solid connection. I don’t believe the Outlier Sports has a defined range – as they are geared towards athletes with swear resistant materials – but I was able to put my phone down in a central part of the house while moving and be able to walk to every corner and keep my connection. In a 1850 sq ft house, that is fairly impressive in my opinion.

Other features also make the Outlier Sports a big contender in the bluetooth earbud marketplace, namely the aforementioned sweat resistant materials, an 11 hour battery life, and the ability to make and receive calls.

Again, the audio and connection for phone calls was almost perfect; I did experience a few call drops and audio issues here, but I was unsure if that was carrier related, phone related, or headset related. In the end, it wasn’t enough to make me NOT want to use the product in the future.

Not everything can be butterflys and unicorns, however, and I have one major gripe with the Outlier Sports. I can’t use them for more than an hour or so before they begin to hurt my ears. Once i found the included extra peripherals, I found something that fit my ear a bit better, drawing out my listening experience to nearly two hours at a time, but if these options won’t work for you, be prepared to live with shorter listening experiences.

For the record, I feel like the product is built for that time frame anyways!

We still highly recommend the Outlier Sports from Creative. Head to to get yours today!


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