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Pokémon Scarlet: The Indigo Disk DLC First Impressions

I liked the first Pokémon Scarlet DLC but felt that it was just more of the same. And now here is second Scarlet DLC. I’ve been playing it. What do I think of it so far? Here are my first impressions of The Indigo Disk!


I really like Pokémon Scarlet. I also liked its first DLC. And so I was excited for The Indigo Disk…

But I was not prepared for it!

The Indigo Disk, so far, is much better than the first DLC. In fact, it may be better than the main game! Of course I haven’t been playing it for too long but here are more of my thoughts so far:

The new area you visit in The Indigo Disk isn’t as big as the main game but its pretty diverse. It has also has a ton of new Pokémon to find and lots of things to do. Not only that it introduces one of the best things ever in Scarlet: BBQ Quests! These new quests find you taking on tasks such as taking pictures, sneaking up on Pokémon, and much more. Completing these tasks will earn you BP points. With these points you can buy stuff at the school store or you invest in other clubs.

Oh thats right! The new DLC introduces the clubs of the new academy you visit. You are thrown into one of the clubs, like it or not, and with BP points, you can invest in other clubs and that’ll get you some unique new rewards. I won’t spoil what those rewards are, but wow, they are cool.

Exploring the new area, including the academy, is a lot of fun. Completing tasks in fun too. You can even complete these tasks online with friends! I haven’t checked that out yet but look forward to giving it a go. The Indigo Disk is definitely breathing new life into Pokémon Scarlet. There’s just so much to see and do it. I’m addicted to it.

What do you think of The Indigo Disk? Are you enjoying it?

Stay tuned to for our full review of The Indigo Disk!


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