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Hey Pikmin! and Miitopia Commercials

Hey Pikmin! and Miitopia are both coming out on July 28th (with the New 2DS XL). Here are commercials for both games!

Hey Pikmin! currently has a demo on the 3DS eshop. You should definitely check it out! I think this is going to be a really fun game.

Here is the Miitopia commercial:

Miitopia has two demos on the 3DS eshop: Miitopia and Miitopia: Casting Call. The first demo gives you a good look at what the actual game will be like.

The Casting Call demo is basically just putting Miis into video trailers for the game. I think the first demo is great, while the second one is ok.

Both Pikmin and Miitopia look good! They are coming out the same day: July 28th! Are you going to buy both? Let us know in the comments!


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