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Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC and New amiibo

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the biggest game released for the Nintendo Switch and Wii U this year so far. And by now, you may think “Well, I’ve seen it all. I’m done.” But you are so wrong! Nintendo announced what we’ll be seeing from the Zelda DLC. And there will also be new Breath of the Wild amiibo too!


The new Breath of the Wild DLC will come in two parts this year. The first, DLC pack one, will be coming out on June 30. The pack will include a new challenge, lots of armor, and a Master Mode! I loved the look of the new armor. I am very interested in the new challenge too. I don’t know if I’ll try out the Master Mode or not. The gameĀ is already pretty hard.

DLC Pack 2 will be coming out Holiday 2017. There is no specific date yet. This pack wasn’t detailed too much but it is being called The Champions’ Ballad. So it definitely has something to do with the game’s champion characters!

There are also new amiibo coming this year too. The amiibo will be the Champion characters:


What do you think of the new DLC pack? And the amiibo? Are you ready for more Breath of the Wild!?



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