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Happy MAR10 DAY

Happy MAR10 Day! Its Mario Day and Nintendo celebrated by releasing a new video. Check it out and then come back for our thoughts on the new announcements.

Wow. Nintendo went all out for this MAR10 DAY. Not only did they announce a new Super Mario Bros. Movie, but they also gave release dates for Paper Mario (May) and Luigi’s Mansion 2 (June). And we got three Gameboy games coming to the Nintendo Switch Online on the 12th: Dr. Mario, Mario Golf, and Mario Tennis.

The first animated Mario movie was a lot of fun. We look forward to see the second in a couple of years.

As for Paper Mario, that game looks amazing. It was fantastic on the Gamecube and will be even better on the Switch with new visual enhancements. We also have to wonder if Nintendo will add any new content to it. We hope so!

The same could be said for Luigi’s Mansion 2. It was a 3DS title and it should do well on the Switch but we hope new content was added to it too. There was no new footage shown for either game. Hopefully we’ll get an update on both games soon before release.

Finally there’s the three Gameboy titles coming soon. Dr. Mario for the Gameboy is an excellent title. We’ve never played Mario Golf or Tennis on the Gameboy, so it should be interesting to check those out. Its too bad that Nintendo didn’t release the first Super Mario Land though. We can’t to replay Dr. Mario!

Overall, it was a really good MAR10 Day announcement video. How will you celebrate Mario Day? We’ll likely rewatch the Super Mario Bros Movie later and play some Mario games.

Happy MAR10 DAY

Its a’me Mario. Looking as cool as ever. Have a great Mario Day!


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