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Unboxing and Component Review of Archeos Society

I sometimes find it hard to review the components and the quality of components in a full length article if the game is nothing more than a set collection. That being said, Archeos Society comes with so much more in the box, and with environmentally friendly packaging. Still, does this one from Space Cowboys deserve a spot on your shelf, at least as far as component quality is concerned? Let’s take a look!


Ultimately, Archeos Society is a set collection game, where you will be collecting sets of cards in your hand – either by type or colour – and then playing those cards to score points. While that sounds simple enough, you’ll be surprised by how big the game box is. That’s because once you open it up, you realize it’s so much more than a set collection game, with different tracks to move up, components to use, and different gameplay combinations so that no game feels the same!

Of course the game comes with a ton of cards, 12 different decks in fact. Each deck is broken down into cards of different colours, and powers that those specific decks have. Some decks have cardboard components that are associated with the card’s power, and those cardboard components are fantastic. The cardboard is thick and durable, and came out of the punch board with ease. If they pop out easily, that means the production quality is high!


The game also comes with a number of boards that track your progress when playing specific card sets. These boards are also really great and glossy, and the artwork is phenomenal. They are double sided which only adds to how many different combinations there are for playing this game. Along with the boards come little wooden pieces for each player, themed after different types of vehicles (battleship, sailboat, hot air balloon, jeep, and more). These wooden pieces are not screen printed, but are great none-the-less.


The true gem of this game is the box itself. As we have said time and time again, a good insert can make or break a game experience, and this game has a FANTASTIC insert. There are places to put each specific set of cards between games, a tuck box that holds all the little components, and ample room for all the game boards. The environmentally friendly packaging means there isn’t a bag in sight, and that is just fine by me!


Overall, the production quality on Archeos Society is fantastic. Cards feel really great in your hand, and since they are going to be handled a lot, I love to see the good card quality. Still, should you want to sleeve them, they will fit in the box sleeved! I would say this game deserves top marks for quality, and at least on this front, it’s worthy of a spot on your shelf!


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