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Boop Board Game Review

There aren’t many games out there as simple as Boop, yet for some reason the strategy is a lot harder to master than I thought it would be. This game came quickly to my wife, but I still struggle after many games to know exactly what to do! Still, Boop is such a great experience and economical as well, which makes it a great little game to pass the time between friends or family. Let’s take a look!

In Boop, players are trying to get their cats in a row. They start the game with kittens, which they place out on the board and then “boop” adjacent kittens one space away in the direction they choose, including “booping” them off the board. As you play, eventually you will get three kittens in a row, and when that happens those kittens are removed from the game and replaced with three cat tokens which are added to your supply. The thing about cats is that they can only be “booped” by other cats – kittens have NO impact on cats.

Players win the game if they get three cats in a row, OR if they get all 8 of their cats onto the board.

That’s really all there is to it. I love the production value here, with the padded board for you to place the wonderful tokens onto. There are many different versions of Boop as well, so you can purchase the one that resonates with you the best. My wife and I love quick two player games, and this definitely fits the bill. And although I can play this with my younger kids, their lack of strategy means I generally win.

And there is strategy here despite the simplicity – you need to have a plan when playing Boop, you cannot just wing it. Overall, we recommend this one. It’s a great experience that I think you will really enjoy!


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