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The Longing for new Star Wars: Shatterpoint Missions

I’ve been playing Star Wars: Shatterpoint since day one – in fact, we have been reviewing each and every box released since the game’s inception. I’m not a huge fan of tabletop gaming, and even though my father-in-law and kids attend a few big ones each year here in Ontario, I tend to sit on the side and just watch – it’s not my scene. Shatterpoint, however, is something I’ve grown to love, but the experience needs a boost and that boost is coming soon!


Although other regions are already playing with the brand new missions, they have not landed yet in Canada – of course, once they do, we will be playing them right away. That being said, as I long for new mission cards and a change of pace to the game itself, I look back fondly on the previous half year and have to say, “Well done Atomic Mass Games.”

With the variety of different mission cards, there are actually a lot of mission combinations available in Star Wars: Shatterpoint. I know this isn’t what fans want to hear, but the options were plenty. That being said, there is nothing wrong with wanting more missions, and in fact, wanting more missions more frequently. I do feel like I may be singing a different tune if we don’t get another mission pack for 6 more months after this new pack lands.

Regardless, not having new missions to play has made me wonder what Atomic Mass Games could do with this game. Could we get rescue missions, where one team needs to cross the field, capture a target or item, and return to their ship? Could we get unique rule sets that involve vehicles in the future? Or do Atomic Mass Games plan to stay the course and leave Shatterpoint as an objective capturing experience?

Only time will tell, but the future of Shatterpoint and its missions is very bright in my opinion. I’ve had a blast with the game so far, and hope to have a blast long into the future as well!


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