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Aethermon: Collect – A Creature Collecting Card Game

There have been a ton of Pokemon and Digimon knock off experiences over the past few decades. Many of them get the idea right and produce a great games, while others fall flat.


This idea has also transferred to board and card games, although as I’ve said many times before, collectible card games that launch on Kickstarter (the general place a new CCG launches) is pretty risky, and oftentimes a scam. The team behind Aethermon had a new idea – let’s create a quick card game about monster collecting – no random packs, no random cards. Everything in one box.

What it is, How to Play

Aethermon: Collect is such a quick and great experience for 1-4 players. The game can be played cooperatively or competitively, although this review is looking at the competitive aspects of the game. A deck of Aethermon cards are shuffled, and placed in a grid on the table based on the number of players.

A universal token is then placed in the middle and the game can begin. Players can move the token horizontally or vertically and stop on any Aehtermon in a row or column, adding that Aethermon to their tableau in front of them.

Players will continue adding Aethermon to their collection, attempting to make sets where it makes sense to double their points. Artifact cards that each player will have can make a huge difference on the game, and keep things fresh and exciting game-to-game. The game ends when a player doesn’t take an Aethermon on consecutive turns. The player with the most points wins.


Easy to Teach, Easy to Play, Worth Your Time

A game of Aethermon: Collect can be taught and played in about 15 minutes and I really enjoy that. It is so quick, and while it will never be a headlining game on our weekly game night, it will be something we quickly bring to the table to end the night when we don’t have time for other games. The artwork on the cards is fantastic, and really gives me that monster collecting vibe.

If you are looking for a quick to play, easy to understand game, Aethermon: Collect is an easy recommendation from me. Even if you don’t have a desire to play monster collecting games, there is still a really good set collection game here that deserves to be played!


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