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Ticket to Ride Getting a Legacy Experience

Cooperative campaign and legacy games are kind of a hot commodity right now, and I can see why. When most folks purchase a board game for 50 or 60 dollars, they will obviously get a few plays out of it but then it might go away for a long time.

People like to see their dollars stretched as far as possible, and play a game as long as possible. Ticket to Ride 12 times doesn’t actually sound like the most fun experience to me, despite the game being very good. A legacy campaign that needs to be played over 12 scenarios though? Sign me up!

Here is a bit from Asmodee about this upcoming release, which will be shown first at GenCon (and we will be there!):

“Ticket to Ride® Legacy: Legends of the West offers a unique Legacy-style gaming experience where each session evolves based on the players’ choices. Each player takes on a specific role, altering the course of the storyline. The evolving mechanics add a dynamic dimension, ensuring players a renewed experience with each playthrough. Designed for 2 to 5 players aged 10 and up, this game offers 12 thrilling journeys across North America, providing total immersion during gameplay sessions lasting between 20 to 90 minutes.”

There are not a ton of details yet on the release, as that will be shown off and announced in the coming months. With a November 2023 release date, there is still lots of time for the development team to let us know what they are thinking with this release. Here is what Days of Wonder Game Line Manager Adrien Martinot had to say,

“We can’t wait to get this game into the hands of Ticket to Ride and legacy game fans. With Legends of the West, each game is different, with the story unfolding one layer at a time. New rules and game elements will punctuate this unique play experience, rife with unexpected events and cunning rivals. It was crucial for us to provide new experiences and new gameplay features and not rehash mechanics from our successful Map Collection line. Nearly all of the mechanics created by Alan, Rob and Matt are completely new to the Ticket to Ride game line.”

We are excited to learn more about this release in the coming weeks and months!


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