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Star Wars Shatterpoint is launching on June 2nd, and our copy of the Core Set just arrived today

Star Wars Shatterpoint is launching on June 2nd, and our copy of the Core Set just arrived today! Shatterpoint is a tabletop miniatures game set in the Star Wars universe, following the animated shows currently available on Disney+. Two teams of players will face off in a table-top assault, using terrain to their advantage.

Here is a brief overview of the world you are playing in:

“From this strife arise moments of great importance, known as Shatterpoints, where the actions of a few can change the course of a single battle or even affect the fate of entire civilizations. Whether launching clandestine missions deep within enemy territory or dueling bitter rivals amid the backdrop of larger planetary engagements, your choices matter. Here, between clashing lightsabers and blasts of laser fire, you will decide the fate of the galaxy in Star Wars: Shatterpoint.”

So what can you expect when you get your game to the table? Here is just a bit more from the games packaging:

“Star Wars: Shatterpoint is a skirmish miniatures game for two players. In Shatterpoint, players take control of iconic characters from the Star Wars galaxy and their allies, battling against each other to complete dynamic mission objectives. Just remember, the greatest commanders are those who learn to adapt and who use the Force to achieve victory!”

In the box, players can expect to find 16 miniatures, 23 terrain pieces, 2 movement tools, 5 range tools, 14 Order Cards, 12 Unit Stat Cards, 12 Stance Cards, 1 Mission Card, 9 Struggle Cards, 14 Dice, 1 Struggle Token, 16 Momentum Tokens, 1 Struggle Tracker, 1 Punchboard, and 1 Core Rulebook.


There are also a number of expansions launching alongside the Core Set:

  • Star Wars – Shatterpoint: Dice Pack (WT)
  • Star Wars – Shatterpoint: Hello There – General Obi-Wan Kenobi Squad Pack
  • Star Wars – Shatterpoint: High Ground Terrain Pack (WT)
  • Star Wars – Shatterpoint: Measurment Tools (WT)
  • Star Wars: Shatterpoint: Ground Cover Terrain Pack (WT)
  • Star Wars – Shatterpoint: Twice the Pride – Count Dooku Squad Pack

We cannot wait to take this game for a spin, so stayed tuned to the website for more information!


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