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Spotlight: Photo Tour Kickstarter

Photo Tour is an upcoming game from Timashov Publishing, a Canadian board game company based in beautiful British Columbia. Their focus is creating high-quality family board games with exceptional artwork and engaging gameplay. As the name suggests, the card art is simply stunning in Photo Tour, and the gameplay looks pretty interesting as well. Let’s take a look!

photo tour feat

Photo Tour turns each player into a start-up travel photographer, challenging you to earn bonus points by combining various cards. The game promises to be fun for all skill levels, and boasts customizable difficulty settings to allow you to adjust the rules per skill level of your board game group! From the images that have been released so far, the artwork is pretty incredible, and each is based off of a real landmark whose location is mentioned on the card – it’s like a mini geography lesson embedded in the game!

Photo Tour looks to have a solid gameplay loop wherein you must Plan, Move, Rent Equipment and Take Photos by combining cards and your player journal to stack bonuses and unlock powerful combinations to outscore your fellow photographers. There are at least 3 expansions currently set to be available with Photo Tour, each adding a new layer of strategy and excitement to the game!


The game is set to come with a full set of tokens, dice and meeples, and there are premium wooden tokens as well as a custom plastic storage insert available as well. For those interested in getting their order locked in and helping to unlock even more content, the Kickstarter for Photo Tour is active for three more weeks at the time of writing this article and can be accessed HERE.

We can’t wait to see how the final product of Photo Tour plays, and look forward to giving you a full review once it has been released!


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