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More Thoughts From Me #99: Square Enix Brings An Old Skool RPG to the Switch

Where is that Virtual Console Nintendo? A lot of people keep wondering when (and how) Nintendo bring a Virtual Console to the Switch. It would be really nice to play some old Nintendo games on the system. Square Enix isn’t waiting on Nintendo though. Last week, the developer/publisher brought a remaster of an old game to the Switch. This game, however, was never released in the United States before. The game in question is Romancing Saga 2! Here are my first impressions of the game.


Romancing Saga 2 is a remaster of an old school rpg. It plays like an older game too, for the most part. And I love that.

The battle system in Romancing Saga 2 is my favorite part of the game. I love turn-based battle systems. Not too many rpgs, apart from Dragon Quest and some Atlus games, use turn-based anymore. Romancing Saga 2, though, has a really good turn-based system. Its pretty traditional, nothing we haven’t seen before, but I love it. Its fast, well layed out, and fun.

I have to admit that I am disappointed with the game’s “world map” though. With Romancing Saga 2 being an old school rpg, I thought it would have a traditional world map you could explore. Instead, it has a map like you’d find on a Fire Emblem or other strategy rpg. Basically, you point to the place you want to go on the map, click on it, and you’re there.

That said, the towns and dungeons you explore in Romancing Saga 2 are good. I’d say that the dungeons are a bit more generic then I’d like, but I love going into the dungeons and towns and seeing what I can find.

As for the game’s story, its pretty interesting so far. I wouldn’t say its on the level of an old Final Fantasy game, at least not yet, but its interesting and I’m looking forward to seeing where its headed. Oh and I love that you can save anywhere in this game (well not in battle but anywhere else!)

Romancing Saga 2 isn’t, so far, as good as one of Square’s classic Final Fantasy games or Chrono games, but if you love turn-based rpgs, then I recommend picking this one up on the Switch. We want to let Square Enix know that we want more of their older games! Maybe eventually they’ll bring a Final Fantasy remaster to the Switch!

Have you played Romancing Saga 2 yet? What do you think of the game?

Next week: More Thoughts From Me #100!

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