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Secrets of slot machines. How to influence the probability of winning

Currently, slot machines are spread throughout the world and are very popular in casinos such as They generate a lot of revenue each year. Many people like it because the game does not require a huge amount of money and everyone can try their luck. But what are the real secrets of slots and slot machines that affect the likelihood of winning?


Freespins and Respins

One of the most popular bonus features are Freespins and Respins. These are free spins that don’t have to be debited from your betting account. In fact, it’s the casino that pays for the player.

Get free spins no deposit can be, collecting on the playing field specified number of special characters, respins also run under certain conditions. Free spins carried out at the same rate, which was used by the player before receiving a casino bonus.

Paid bonuses

Of course, the real secrets of video slots are hidden inside the software code. But even without knowing about them, you can use the features of the machines in their favor. All you have to do is read the rules and understand the bonus features. The main thing – use the knowledge gained wisely and don’t try to cheat an online casino.

One of the varieties of paid bonuses – re-spinning individual reels, or paid respin. The cost of rotation in this case depends on the amount of possible winnings. If the probability of picking up a huge payout is high, then the respin cost per reel may be several times the price of a regular spin.

Risk management

All existing strategies and tactics to play and win at card games, based on a clear mathematical calculation, but the machines are all different. The basis of any slot machine is a random number generator. It creates a random numerical sequence, displayed on the screen as a combination of game symbols.

Thus, it is impossible to calculate which combination will be a prize in order to develop a particular game strategy, as it happens in card games, from a purely technical point of view. It is important to remember that RTP is not a chance of winning, and even if the RTP is higher than 100%, there is a chance of losing.


However, a player can improve his chances of winning by playing for free in the demo mode. Start the game should carefully study the characteristics of a particular slot game. After learning how the machine works you can start betting for real money.

Volatility level

If a user comes across a slot with high dispersion it means that large winnings can be obtained after a long series of losses. Low volatility means that victories will be much more frequent, but the payouts will be smaller.

The player must decide what best suits his bankroll. Some casino slots allow volatility control even in standard mode, but more often this feature extends to free spins.