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Quick game of Battle Royale on the web ? No Problem

Battle Royale games have become all the rage over the past few years, obviously propelled by the success of titles like Fortnite and PUBG.


These games have transcended video game culture, and have become global phenomena with merchandise, party supplies, and so much more. But they aren’t the only Battle Royale games on the market. In fact, the rise of Fortnite has caused the genre to become fairly diluted, with dozens upon dozens of good, bad, and ugly titles available for purchase and download.

The thing about all these different Battle Royale games, however, is that they often require substantial hardware to play on, whether it’s a fairly capable mobile phone, an Xbox One, or perhaps a Nintendo Switch. With the rise of the genre, a big group of developers are looking at new ways of interacting with fans, that doesn’t require a 500 dollar purchase. That right friends, you can begin playing Battle Royale style games right in your web browser.
One such example is available via Silver Games, and is simply called, Battle Royale. Here is a brief description of the game, which can be found here .
“Battle Royale is a fun first person shooter with lots of shots, explosions and killing. If you enjoy block graphics that tune down the violence a little bit, but still love shooting the crap out of other players, you should try this game! Select a type of character, like a medic, a farmer, a policeman, a soldier or a salaryman to join the battle. Each character has different sort of feature to start with, like a weapon or a survival kit. Drop out of the plane and land in the middle of the battlefield to be the last man standing. Collect weapons, ammo and much more stuff to help your kill and survive. Enjoy Battle Royale!”
What set Battle Royale apart form other games in my opinion was the array of characters you could play as, most notably, the farmer. I mean, outside of a Farming Simulator title, when else are you going to play as a farmer? Since all the characters in Battle Royale have a different set of gear, I was most intrigued by what the farmer would have. I shouldn’t have been surprised, therefore, when I found out that the farmer spawns with, well, a farming tool.
The game isn’t rivaling PUBG or Fortnite in the graphics department, but since the game comes at no cost to you, it’s a pretty fun addicting way to tide you over between your school classes, or perhaps while you wait for a program or game to install on Steam. If you are looking for a new, unique Battle Royale experience, give this a go!

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