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Into the Pixelated Dungeon: A Look At One More Dungeon For Nintendo Switch

One More Dungeon for the Nintendo Switch sneaks up on you. Of course, you would think you would know by the name “One More Dungeon” that something addictive might be waiting for you. Though, you’ve been through so many randomized dungeon crawlers before, maybe you’re becoming a little jaded? Granted, the concept of One More Dungeon isn’t anything new, but the execution of it will hook you. Ratalakia Games provided with a review code of this game. I’m not ready to review One More Dungeon yet, but I definitly think its time for a preview!


One More Dungeon for the Nintendo Switch is evil. You will die a lot in this game. You most likely won’t make it through that first level unless you are super great at first person dungeon crawlers. One More Dungeon is a hard game and yet, I keep wanting to play “One More Dungeon”!

The first thing I noticed about One More Dungeon, obviously, is its graphics. One More Dungeon is a 3D pixelated first person game. Each item, character, background, basically everything in this game is pixelated! And so the game has a retro feel to it and yet it also doesn’t. I don’t remember any of those old first person pixelated games looking this good.

One More Dungeon also has fun gameplay. Don’t get me wrong: this game is hard. That said, its also a blast so far. I’m not a huge fan of games where when you die you have to start all over, but One More Dungeon makes it fun. Each time you go back to the dungeon, its got a completely new layout. You have no idea what you’ll find in each dungeon and how far you’ll get before you die.

I’m sure somebody will get past this first dungeon. I don’t think its going to be me. I keep playing the first level over and over. This might sound repetitive but its not because of how truly amazingly randomized the dungeons are. Will I ever get tired of not making progress in this game? Possibly. Hey, this isn’t a review of One More Dungeon. I have no idea right now what I’ll finally feel about this game.

I am enjoying One More Dungeon. I think its first person gameplay is simple, yet addictive. Its fun to see how far I’ll get each time. There looks to be some interesting things in the randomizer. Will I continue to like One More Dungeon as much as I currently do? Only my final review will let you know!

Hopefully, I’ll have my review of One More Dungeon up next week. Until then, may all your dungeons be pixelated and fun.

One More Dungeon comes out on the Nintendo Switch tomorrow!


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