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New BoxBoy Game and amiibo Announced for Japan

Nintendo’s BoxBoy, a downloadable game for the 3DS eshop, has seen two games already. BoxBoy is created by Hal Laboratory, the creators of Kirby. The unique puzzle platformer is an example of another new franchise from Nintendo. And last night, Nintendo announced a third game for the character! Not only that, but a BoxBoy amiibo was announced too. Currently, these are both just for Japan, but we may see them in the West eventually. Check out the details about the new BoxBoy game and amiibo below.


The third game in the BoxBoy trilogy was announced last night. In Japan, the game is called Goodbye! BoxBoy!  The game is currently only announced for Japan and will be coming out on February 2nd. A BoxBoy amiibo was also announced for Japan!

Here is some additional information via Nintendo Everything:

” A BoxBoy! Qbby amiibo is also launching on February 2. It’s said to unlock secrets, though the specifics are currently under wraps. It will be included in a limited retail package containing all three games along with an official soundtrack for 3,456 yen. The OST will contain 34 pieces from the series.”

Since we got the other two BoxBoy amiibo, I think we’ll see the third one via the 3DS eshop. Will we see the amiibo and retail release of all three games in the west? It is possible, but right now its anybody’s guess if the retail package will come over here. I hope so though. I would definitely buy it! I love the first game. I haven’t bought the second game yet and will probably just wait and see if this retail release makes it to the west.

Also, since this game is called Goodbye! BoxyBoy! in Japan, it sounds like this could be the last BoxBoy game. Will Nintendo really close the box on this franchise?

Take a look at this footage of the new BoxBoy game:

What do you think of Goodbye! Boxboy!? Do you like the BoxBoy amiibo? Let us know if you would like to buy this retail release in the comments!


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