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Mythic Loot Gaming – November 2016

Loot Gaming has been great some months, and slightly disappointing at others. However, overall the subscription box gets a passing grade from us at because they always manage to include at least one or two items that we really love. Would Novembers box continue that trend? Lets figure that out now!


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Photo taken by the great people at Hello Subscription. Check them out for full reviews on tons of subscription boxes!

Dragon Age Titan Vinyl

I generally enjoy getting vinyls that are not Funko Pops, and I’ve generally been a big fan of the Titan figures; for whatever reason, however, despite my love for the Dragon Age series, I just don’t like this figure. That isn’t to say you won’t, but something about it looks off to me. While I think the design is pretty terrible, I do like that Titan figures always come with an accessorie, giving them that slightly added value.

Assassins Creed 4 tShirt

Remember when I said Loot Gaming always seems to find an item or two that I really like, even if overall I’m not impressed with the box? This is that item. The Assassins Creed 4 tShirt is outstanding, and I’ve already put it to good use. The downside? While the shirt is billed as a large – which I need for my slightly larger build – the sleeves are much to narrow. Unless you are a tall, skinny individual, there is a reasonable amount of discomfort when you first throw this on after washing, until you’ve stretched it out a bit.

I’ve always wondered how these boxes get these licenced shirts; part of me things that perhaps Loot Gaming got a great deal on some shirts that were not made to the proper specifications. Regardless of that, however, I still enjoy the shirt, and thankfully my arms are not so big that I cannot get them through the sleeves. This was a great item to get, so thank you Loot Gaming!

Castlevania Letter Opener

I’m going to be brutally honest – I hate Castlevania. There, I said it – no take backs. However, this item once again highlights why I tend to enjoy Loot Crate and Loot Gaming: even though I hate the franchise, this item is fantastic. My letter opener at work is a pretty boring, dull knife. I’ve now upgraded to a much better looking sword opener, which includes a great steel case.

Okami Figure

If you have no idea what Okami is, I don’t really blame you. I believe it is a 10 or 15 year old Playstation game that got a bit of buzz when it was released. Either way, this figure is outstanding, with amazing detail all around the body. While the franchise may be lost on many people, the sculpt will quickly win anyone over. Again – and I cannot stress this enough – even though I have little familiarization with the franchise, I love this figure. It will make a great addition to my figure collection, which will grow very quickly if Loot Gaming keeps adding two figures in their boxes.


Overall, when it comes to included franchises, this wasn’t one of my most favorite boxes. However, I love that Loot Gaming is providing items in their boxes that I really want to own, regardless of what the franchise is. The only item franchise I really cared about in this box was the Assassins Creed tShirt, but I still really enjoy the other items. Overall, a weak franchise box in my opinion, but a better than average item box. Good work Loot Gaming!




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